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Alliance of Women Scientists and scholars for a Better World

Knowledge for Fulfilment: Life Supporting Solutions for a Peaceful World


Prof DrSwati Mohite,

Prof Dr Swati Mohite, BAMS, MS(Ayu), BA(Sanskrit) Women's Lifestyle According to Veda?Application in the Modern Era, more

Dr Cynthia Arenander, BA, BS, DSCI

Dr Cynthia Arenander, BA, BS, DSCI Developing Better Brains for a Better World through Maharishi Technologies of Consciousness, more

Ashley Fargnoli, MA, R-DMT, LPC

Ashley Fargnoli, MA, R-DMT, LPC Moving through Trauma: Dance/Movement Therapy for Refugees and Trafficking Survivors, more

Saskia Kersenboom, PhD

Dr Saskia Kersenboom, PhD
Songs for Kali  – transformations of the Goddess during the Festival of the Nine Nights, more

France Fournet, MA

France Fournet, MA Dynamizing our Brain through Audiovocal Training, more

Dr Catherine O?Brien, PhD Bringing Sustainable Happiness to Life, more

Dr Snehalatha SN Dornala,

Dr Snehalatha SN Dornala, PhDAttaining a Healthy, Happy Mother and Baby, through the Programmes of Maharishi Ayur-Veda; Translating Vedic Knowledge for the Transformation of Global Living, more

Keshang Tshomo

Keshang Tshomo, BSc Appl (Agri), MSc (Hort) 100% Organic Agriculture and GNH in Bhutan - Implications for Education and the Environment, more

Dr Amanda Weltman, PhD Amanda Weltman

Dr Amanda Weltman, PhD Why Science needs more love and tears more

Prof Dr Enkhtuya Bavuudorj

Prof. Dr Enkhtuya Bavuudorj, PhD Social responsibility in Mongolian companies, more

Claudette Maurin, BA, MA

Claudette Maurin, BA(Botany), MA Presenting Maharishi Aroma Therapy: consultations, treatments and a few testimonials more

Dr Rachel Goodman, PhD

Dr Rachel Goodman, PhD Global Sustainability Through Development of Consciousness, more




Alliance Proposes Scientific Solution to Terrorism and Conflict

We are informing top women leaders of all nations of an effective, innovative, peaceful solution to the heightened threat of terrorism throughout the world at this time.

Extensive research has shown that when a sufficient number of individuals practice the Transcendental Meditation technique and its advanced programmes together in groups, there is a dramatic and immediate reduction in societal stress, crime, and conflict and an increase in coherence, positivity, and peace in the society as a whole, nationally and internationally.

This approach has been rigorously and repeatedly field tested and verified. By the strictest standards of modern science, its efficacy is beyond question.

For more information see: www.gusp.org/pdf/LetterToWorldLeaders.pdf

2015 Conference

Our last international conference, was held in Seelisberg, Switzerland on the Lake of Lucerne, 9–13 August 2015 (arrival on the 9th and departure on the 13th).


Conference Programme PDF

Inspiring speakers presented a diverse range of topics, with time for discussion. It was a three-day feast of knowledge and inspiration.

To read more about the international scientists and scholars from the fields of education, health, business, and agriculture who spoke at our previous conference, click here.

Our Purpose

The Alliance of Women Scientists and Scholars for a Better World is a collective of women scientists, scholars, and students who share a common goal of using their knowledge and expertise to create a better world.

We call ourselves an Alliance because we help to create, build, and maintain new alliances and networks for our members. As individuals we each bring vast knowledge and experience within our own fields; however, as a collective, an alliance, this knowledge is much more powerful.

For example, by connecting a soil scientist from the USA with a farmer in Kenya and a veterinarian in the Netherlands, we are able to build a powerhouse of shared knowledge that can be used in a very real way to improve our lives on this planet as well as the very soil that nourishes us.

Central to this idea is the recognition that everything in nature is connected to everything else; our own lives are intimately linked to the environment around us. In order to be truly life supporting, progress in one area of life must not deplete or degrade another area.

As women we have an innate understanding of this interconnectedness and need to nourish not only our children and ourselves, but also our whole near and far environment – and not only short term, but for future generations as well.

Our Activities

The Alliance has three principal activities at this time that provide opportunities for women to work together across disciplines to have a positive impact on our world:

  • We host international conferences that bring experts in different areas of knowledge and from different countries together for several days to get to know each other and explore the connections and synergies among their work.
  • We maintain a website where women can share their work and network with other women scientists.
  • We apply for grants to develop new knowledge or carry out projects that hold promise for improving the quality of life for people, especially women and children.

To suggest a guest speaker for future conferences,
email Alliance-for-Knowledge@Maharishi.net

View of Lake Lucerne from Seelisberg


View of beautiful Lake Lucerne from Seelisberg.

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