Alliance of Women Scientists and scholars for a Better World

Knowledge for Fulfilment: Life Supporting Solutions for a Peaceful World

Mission of the Alliance

To unite the women scientists and scholars of the world in an alliance that will be a powerful collective voice and an instrument for implementating all that is good and beneficial.

To show the underlying unity of nature, and how specific laws of nature are related to the wholeness of natural law.

To develop the full potential of women scientists and scholars through Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Technology of Consciousness, enlivening their nourishing quality to nurture all of creation and produce only life-supporting effects through modern science and technology.

To create a better world—a world where everyone cares for each member of our world family as she would care for her immediate family. Naturally clean air and pure food and water; secure, healthy, sustainably designed housing; and safety, respect, prosperity, health, happiness, progress, and peace will sustain life on earth generation after generation.

To accomplish the purpose of the Alliance we will

• Work with the five foundations of the Global Women’s Organization for Total Knowledge.

• Establish global collaborations between women scientists and scholars.

• Educate, inspire, and mobilize women scientists and scholars through various media to implement life-supporting programmes.

• Present sustainable, proven scientific solutions to all levels of government.

• Create and maintain a global research and development fund to support the projects of the Alliance.

• Encourage and coordinate publications that support the goals of the Alliance, and translate existing and new publications.

• Expand the Alliance by inviting women scientists and scholars from every country to join.


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