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Knowledge for Fulfilment: Life Supporting Solutions for a Peaceful World



Speakers 2015

Dr Cynthia Arenander, BA, BS, DSCI

Dr Cynthia Arenander, BA, BS, DSCI Developing Better Brains for a Better World through Maharishi Technologies of Consciousness, more

Ashley Fargnoli, MA, R-DMT, LPC

Ashley Fargnoli, MA, R-DMT, LPC Moving through Trauma: Dance/Movement Therapy for Refugees and Trafficking Survivors, more

Saskia Kersenboom, PhD

Dr Saskia Kersenboom, PhD
Songs for Kali  – transformations of the Goddess during the Festival of the Nine Nights, more

Prof DrSwati Mohite,

Prof Dr Swati Mohite, BAMS, MS(Ayu), BA(Sanskrit) Women's Lifestyle According to Veda—Application in the Modern Era, more

France Fournet, MA

France Fournet, MA Dynamizing our Brain through Audiovocal Training, more

Dr Catherine O’Brien, PhD Bringing Sustainable Happiness to Life, more

Keshang Tshomo

Kesang Tshomo, BSc Appl (Agri), MSc (Hort) 100% Organic Agriculture and Gross National Happiness (GNH) in Bhutan - Implications for Education and the Environment, more

Dr Amanda Weltman, PhD

Dr Amanda Weltman, PhD Why Science needs more love and tears, more

Prof Dr Enkhtuya Bavuudorj

Prof. Dr Enkhtuya Bavuudorj, PhD Social responsibility in Mongolian companies, more

Dr Snehalatha SN Dornala,

Dr Snehalatha SN Dornala, PhD Attaining a Healthy, Happy Mother and Baby, through the Programmes of Maharishi Ayur-Veda; Translating Vedic Knowledge for the Transformation of Global Living, more

Claudette Maurin, BA, MA

Claudette Maurin, BA(Botany), MA Presenting Maharishi Aroma Therapy: consultations, treatments and a few testimonials more

Dr Rachel Goodman, PhD

Dr Rachel Goodman, PhD Global Sustainability Through Development of Consciousness, more

Speakers 2015

Conference Speakers

Dr. Catherine O'Brien, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis 
Dr. Catherine O'Brien is an assistant professor at Gallaudet University and is a faculty member. She received her doctoral degree in 2011 in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis from the University of Missouri. She is the winner of the 2012 AERA Division A Dissertation of the Year Award for her study, The Influence of Deaf Culture on School Culture and Leadership: A Case Study. He spent two years as the first I. King Jordan Chair Fellow. During this time she studied five schools for the deaf to expand her research base. Her research interests include school culture, culturally relevant leadership, distributed leadership, principal preparation, Deaf culture and school culture, social justice, school improvement, and the improvement of educational outcomes for Deaf children. Her areas of teaching include qualitative research, quantitative research, and educational leadership and policy discourse courses. 

Title of her talk: Bringing Sustainable Happiness to Life





















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