How to Stay Rested, Healthy and Happy after Childbirth.

on Aug 21, 2012
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How to Stay Rested, Healthy and Happy after Childbirth.

Research on the Mother and Baby program of Maharishi Ayur-Veda

By Dr Ragnhild Boes

This article describes a dissertation study  on the Mother & Baby program of Maharishi Ayur-Veda (Boes, 1999). Eighteen new mothers, who participated in the Mother and Baby program, were compared to a group  of 13  new mothers who  received usual, standard care after childbirth. Both groups were interviewed six and twelve weeks after childbirth in a structured interview. The interview data were content analyzed to detect any changes over this six week period.  The results showed more harmonious familly relations, greater emotional stability, and higher health and energy ratings in the Mother and Baby group.

Although childbirth is a natural event in a woman’s life, it may be accompanied by challenges and changes unexpected by the new mother. These include fatigue after nine months of pregnancy followed by the labor process of childbirth. With her newborn she will be on call 24/7 adding to the fatigue and never get a full night's  sleep, as she may need to attend to her baby at night to change or nurse the newborn. Many new demands are placed on the new mother;  having a baby may require adjustments  in lifestyle and relationships  (Robinson, Olmsted & Garner, 1989). She may experience changes in regard to her work role and with her work colleagues. The postpartum period (the time just after childbirth) may be a time of acquiring new roles – that of a new mother, and of redefining personal and professional roles, goals, and relationships with self, partner, spouse (Robinson, 1989; Sethi, 1995). Postpartum adjustment may also be associated with impairment of mothers’ coping ability (Richards, 1990) and with feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and reduced happiness (Pitt, 1968). Sleep loss may impact her performance of child-care activities and her interaction with the newborn (Beck, 1998). A new mother faces many new responsibilities and uncertainties. 

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